Sunday, February 26, 2012

Deströyer 666 – Unchain the Wolves [1997]

‘allo ladies. It’s Vagabond from Witching Metal Webzine. I figured it’s about time I got around to posting something on here, so here’s my first review for Nightmare Reality.

Deströyer 666 is one of the first Australian extreme metal bands I got into, and still one of my all time favourite bands. “Unchain the Wolves” is their debut album which was released in 1997 and featured K.K. Warslut (Corpse Molestation, Bestial Warlust) on vocal and guitar duties, Ballistic Howtizer (Gospel of the Horns) on drums, Ian Shrapnel (Adorior, Razor of Occam) on guitars and Phil Gresik (Bestial Warlust, Hobbs’ Angel of Death, Mass Confusion, Long Voyage Back) on bass. It’s often (and rightly so) considered a classic album by fans.

Stylistically the songs are a mix of early black metal with melodic sensibilities a la Dissection and more straightforward blackened speed metal, definitely influenced by early Bathory. Lyrically, mainman K.K. focuses on subjects such as war, drinking, killing, fucking, blasphemy and nihilism. There’s plenty of variety to be found on “Unchain the Wolves” which can be noticed almost instantly with the huge difference in styles between the opening 10 minute epic “Genesis to Genocide” and the 4 minute thrashing anthem “Australian and Anti-Christ”. Every song on the album has its own flavour, with my favourites being the aforementioned first two tracks, “Satan’s Hammer”, “Tyranny” and the title track.

What else can I say about this album, really? It’s an absolute classic and my favourite Australian metal album. If you’re a fan of extreme metal at all and haven’t heard “Unchain the Wolves”, I suggest you stop what you’re doing right now and track down a copy. Seriously, stop reading this review right now and go buy it.

If you’re not hooked after hearing “Genesis to Genocide” then there’s really nothing I can do for you. But since Lister is a wanker and expects a highlights list, you should go look these up on youtube now:

“Australian and Antichrist”
“Satan’s Hammer”
“Unchain the Wolves”

Final Rating:
Legendary [10/10]