Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Axetra - Demo 1991

You all know that feeling, when you find a demo from a band from back in the day and it kicks you in the fucking jaw and you couldn't be happier with it? When going through several demos that range from terrible to mediocre, but then you come across that one hidden gem that makes it all worth it? That would be Axetra's only release, the 1991 demo, and what a tremendous five-track demo of raw power-thrash we have here.

Hailing from the desert of Arizona, the same home of thrash favorites such as Flotsam and Jetsam, Atrophy and Sacred Reich, Axetra probably resembles Flotsam and Jetsam the most, with their brand of catchy power-thrash. The somewhat quirky, high-pitched vocals that soar over the music, the terrific solos and melodies, and everything else here is all in top form. While there aren't many riffs on this demo that are to die for (although the riffs on "Stand Up and Fight" are pretty close), they mesh together so well with the rest of the music that having amazing riffs in every song just isn't necessary. Take the track "IOU" for example, the riffs aren't anything overly special, but they'll get your headbanging, while you sing along with the insanely catchy choruses and air guitar to the stellar solos. The bassist also does a really fine job on this demo, especially on the song "Nowhere to Hide." The bass playing during the intro, and even later on the song is fantastic and adds another dynamic to the already impressive music. 

Sadly these guys would never record anything else after releasing this awesome demo, and had these guys gone on to record a full-length, it wouldn't surprise me if that record, or the entire band of Axetra would be considered underground legends. But, speculation aside, this demo is one hell of a good time that any fan of power-thrash could enjoy as they drink several beers in their denim jackets while riding a top their dragon to save a princess, or something like that. 

"Stand Up and Fight"
"Blind Evil"

Final Rating 
Awesome [8.8/10]