Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Terrorizer - World Downfall [1989]

The thrash genre can only get so heavy or so brutal before it completely evolved into something entirely different. The German bands were pushing the limits with their spastic approach to the genre, and then there are the proto-death metal bands, but there were also those crazy bunch of punks in the UK who really loved their hardcore punk, but much like the thrash acts, they needed something more extreme. Terrorizer, took the early grindcore sounds from across the ocean and injected a dose of thrash intensity, as well as some minor death metal attributes which resulted in one of the most influential grind albums ever in "World Downfall."

To make an entirely accurate comparison of this album, I would call this record the grind equivalent of "Reign in Blood." Clocking in at just a little over 36 minutes with 16 tracks, this album is a shot, no make that a few shots of adrenaline to the listener. "World Downfall" doesn't let up whatsoever, and it's because of that this album retains such a great replay value. Despite every song sounding rather similar with the same pattern of midpaced riffs that could break even George "Corpsegrinder's" tree-trunk of a neck and some highly thrashy riffs pushed to the limit by Sandoval's intense and relentless drumming, every song is memorable and manages to stand out. It doesn't matter if they're songs like "Storm of Stress" or "Injustice" that last just a little more than a minute, they're just as effective as tracks like "After World Obliteration" or "Dead Shall Rise" that make it past the three minute mark. 

Garcia's vocals on this record are great and they mesh perfectly with the music, even when the songs are reaching tempos beyond comprehension thanks to Sandoval, whose drumming is another highlight of "World Downfall." His blasts are very tight and precise, but his double bass work during more midpaced moments is also top notch. Bassist David Vincent is no slouch either, and the bassline for the intro of "Fear of Napalm" is one of the catchiest I've ever heard, although it helps that the song is one of the greatest tracks ever recorded. 

I find it impossible to criticize this album, as it doesn't ever get old or overstay it's welcome. "World Downfall" is the perfect album for those that are new to, or want to give grindcore a chance as it is definitely the pinnacle of the entire genre and can only be rivaled by Repulsion's masterpiece "Horrified," but that discussion is for another day. 

"Fear of Napalm"
"Corporation Pull-In"
"Dead Shall Rise"

Final Rating
Ripped to Shreds... [10/10]