Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spear of Longinus – Domni Satnasi [1997]

Spear of Longinus is a band from Brisbane, Australia who classify themselves as “Nazi Occult Metal”. They’ve been sporadically active since 1993, having released 5 studio albums, 2 EP’s, 1 demo and 1 compilation album which consists of their debut demo and first EP. “Domni Satnasi” is their debut album which was released in 1997 surrounded by quite a bit of controversy due the bands lyrics and beliefs. These moral crusaders have no idea what they were missing out on, because “Domni Satnasi” is an absolutely killer old-school black/thrash album, sounding somewhere between Vomitor (who share members and ex-members with S.O.L.) and other Australian acts such as Urgrund and Gospel of the Horns.

Considering the rough as guts sound of the music, you’d be pretty surprised by the clean production on this record, of course it’s not considered “clean” by modern standards and is a bit “thin”, it fits the music perfectly and you can hear every instrument and, in my opinion, is the best production on any Spear of Longinus release.

The songs are generally fast-paced with a few slower and mid-paced sections that pop up at just the right moment and the guitar solos aren’t flashy or used in every song, but when they are, they fit the song well and don’t feel out of place. The drumming isn’t too varied and can get a bit boring at times, but the beats are used well and drive things along just fine. The bass follows the guitar, which again suits the music and it would just not work if he were to go and do his own thing. The vocals are mostly your standard blackened rasp but there’s a bit of range to them and they take on a death metal-ish tone at times.

I don’t really have a favourite track, but it’s pretty cool to hear the original version of “Devil’s Poison”, which was later used as a Vomitor song and album title, it’s also refreshing to hear lyrics about something as simple as stinky pussy among the other songs which focus on war, occultism, philosophy, esoteric themes, religion and National Socialism.

All in all this is a great album worthy of any old-school extreme metal diehards’ collection.

It’s a very consistent album so I’m not going to bother listing highlights. Lister can eat my shit.

Final Rating:
Awesome [8.5/10]