Saturday, September 29, 2012

Incantation – Onward to Golgotha [1992]

Incantation has been one of the most consistent long-running death metal bands, releasing killer material on almost every release they’ve put out since forming way back in 1989. Their debut full length “Onward to Golgotha” is one of my personal favourite death metal albums and a total classic of the genre.

Combining a crushing guitar tone and some truly sinister riffs, some of the most guttural vocals ever achieved, interesting drumming and an atmosphere blacker than the Guinness I’m drinking as I write this review, Incantation created a truly evil and cavernous sound that many have since tried to top. Only few bands have come close to achieving such a feat.

The writing on this album is absolutely top-notch. While the songs do follow a similar formula, each one still manages to have its own flavour and fair share of decent riffs. There are moments that will cause your head to bang uncontrollably and moments that will suffocate you in total darkness. Incantation’s formula has always been to suck you in with infectious riffs and then hammer your skull in with that bone crushing bottom end.

Songs like “Devoured Death”, “Unholy Massacre”, “Christening the Afterbirth” and “Profanation” will stick in your head and destroy you from the inside out. It’s a shame that this particular line-up never recorded another Incantation album, as what they achieved here was truly something special. Old-school death metal perfection, if you ask me.

Devoured Death
Unholy Massacre
Christening the Afterbirth

Final Rating: 10/10 Legendary