Thursday, August 2, 2012

Angelcorpse - Exterminate [1998]

US blackened death metal legends Angelcorpse were the definition of war metal. Everything the band did in the 90’s was gold, and alongside Blasphemy, Gospel Of The Horns, Conqueror, Destroyer 666, Angelcorpse were one of the bands which had a massive impact of the modern black/death scene, pretty much innovating all the bands which featured extremely aggressive riffs with loads of speed, precision and corpulence. Their music is absolutely crushing, devastating, and culminating with aggravating lyrical content of war, war, and war. To make a long story short, Angelcorpse innovated the black/death scene as we know it, and to this day, their tracks reek of nothing but war, destruction and complete devastation and abhorrence against humanity.

Their sound is defined by pummelling drum beats, shattering and scathing visceral vitriol all around, and the closest comparison would be the primal war metal bands of the 90’s with additional blasting elements snatched from the Florida death metal scene to boast the rambunctious, devastating porthole of riffs, sprayed upon the listener within an instant. Although all of Angelcorpse’s albums are robust excursions and perplexing brutality and ravaging decimation, their second offering ‘’Exterminate’’ ultimately lives up to its name, fabricating and culminating the utmost brutality that Angelcorpse ever bestirred. ‘’Exterminate’’ is such a complex warp of constantly deviating disaster that it never seems to cease in speed and the richly layered textures are always on the work, either pummelling guts of rapidly surfacing through flesh, but constantly damaging all the same.

With its intellectual approach to blackened death metal, ‘’Exterminate’’ sounds almost like a slightly technical death metal album, but the fog of seething old school black metal corruption makes sure such an event never occurs, stabilizing the album’s position as old school. Although Angelcorpse take a plentiful measure of black metal and shove them up the furious death metal content, ‘’Exterminate’’ has evolved in a way that renders the black metal influence nearly invisible, and the black metal traits have slowly blended with the death metal traits, forming a fusion that harnesses the energy of both within one wreathed chord whirlwind.

‘’Exterminate’’ will batter down the walls of your ears. It’s monstrously crushing, contemptuous, and writhing. While it can easily shatter with its terrific line of turbulences, it still tends to add some variation into these violent incursions, embellishing the outrageous chord fluctuations with diverse melodies here and there, and you’ll also see a massive breakdown at seldom, where the music channels into one smashing thrash chug all of a sudden. The vocals are raspy and to the point, exhaling words without procrastinating anything, and the drums are just as ill-tempered as the guitars, rolling in and forth between blast beats, blast beats and yet more blast beats. ‘’Exterminate’’, alongside with Angelcorpse’s early work are masterpieces of brutality, and a completely different view of war as we know it. 

''Reap The Whirlwind''
''That Which Lies Upon''
''Sons Of Vengeance''

Final Rating
Almost A Masterpiece [8.9/10]