Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Deteriorot - Manifested Apparitions Of Unholy Spirits [1993] (Ep)

Judging from the album art, album title and logo font, I'm sure any dedicated old school death metal fan would know what to expect from this, although some still may be blown away be the sheer force and compelling heft of the music on Deteriorot's debut Ep, ''Manifested Apparitions Of Unholy Spirits''. Deteriorot are fairly obscure even though they released a monolith of an old school death/doom album in 2001, and a second in 2010, and I still find it hard not to mention these guys when the topic is top-notch old school death metal bands, and it's even more surprising how many underground fans scarcely talk of them. This is blasphemous, dense, incredibly ghastly and even grooving death metal, right from the pits and crypts of abominations.

The main influence is the deep, cavernous Incantation influence, hidden under pretty much every riff and every aspect of the music. Another great element that Deteriorot possess is that they tend to fuse the thick Incantation-esque riffs with a bludgeoning thrash influence, and even some Finnish mystery and gloom is safely installed into the crushing, grooving death/doom riffs, providing with a good amount of variation throughout the eleven minute Ep. Delicious riffs are aplenty if that's what you seek, but like the abyss sprinkled aura of the cover art, the music is a burden of atmosphere, mainly coming from the comprehensible, yet somewhat muffled spray of the production. Alongside the atmosphere and aura, the satisfying feel of the riffs also stand out as crucial elements, because the riffs are full and tasty, nutritious enough to cease your ravenous rage for a good while.

There are two tracks, and nothing more, so I'd say this Ep acts a sort of warm up to ready listeners against the real beast, ''In Ancient Beliefs''. The title track is a looming, brooding, gloomy piece of oppressive death/doom monstrosity, with well executed passages and Autopsy-esque, blood chilling guitar thrills, while ''The Afterlife'' has copious amounts of grooving Incantation riffs ready at its command, engaging and depriving with each blow. Unfortunately, their debut crosses the whole ''old-school'' line which is marked at 2000, but if you liked this, you have no excuse for not checking out the full-length. This is blood and blasphemy soaked evil, heavy as fuck death metal, so do your ears some good and listen to it right now.

''Manifested Apparitions Of Unholy Spirits''
''The Afterlife''

Final Rating
Awesome [8.6/10]