Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Atomic Aggressor – Rise of the Ancient Ones [Compilation – 2008]

Atomic Aggressor is a four-piece death metal band from Chile who released a few demos between 1989 and 1991 then disappeared until the release of a compilation album entitled “Rise of the Ancient Ones” on Hells Headbangers and Rawforce Productions in 2008 which contains all three demos and three extra previously unreleased tracks.

Their sound can best be described as rough edged death/thrash with a dark vibe that fits the Lovecraft inspired lyrical content. The musical style is similar to that of other South American bands from that time period such as; early Sepultura, early Sarcófago, Anal Vomit, Vulcano and so on with a bit more early death metal than thrash metal thrown in. Scattered throughout this release you’ll hear violent riffs, gruff and bestial vocals, psychotic drumming and the all out Sudamerican brutality their peers were known back in extreme metals early days. The production is suitably raw and very consistent between each demo, even the three newer songs sound straight out of the early 90s!

“Rise of the Ancient Ones” goes to show that there were many great bands from the early South American extreme metal scene that have long since been forgotten about and that with a little bit of digging there is some killer stuff to be found. 

The Session
Unholy Temple
Bloody Ceremonial

Final Rating:
Awesome 8.2/10