Thursday, November 8, 2012

Gammacide - Victims Of Science [1989]

Although at the time there was Devastation, who delivered their smoldering masterpiece two years later, Gammacide were ultimately the most spastic, ballistic thrash metal act coming from Lone Star State. This would, unfortunately be the the sole full-length release by the band, but during the uttermost pinnacle for thrash Gammacide ruptures an absolutely tremendous cataclysmic boulder-shower of brickwall riffs and immense nuclear bombardments hailing in an all-out pernicious atomic explosion, and so infectiously captivating are their riffs that it was literally impossible to shelter from the brick rain that never seemed to cease; the band's shtick was thundering with ridiculous abominations of ferocity and and riveting attention with their meticulous obscenity.

The very first time I encountered this frenzy, I was perplexed, to say the least. Gammacide could have easily reigned over the parched wastelands of Texas with such a stomping precision, but such a fate was never written in the cards. But ignoring their future misfortune, ''Victims Of Science'' is the gathering of the most violent thrash that was available up to that point, a shrewd aversion against society's imprudent actions against the environment, and pure, unbridled anger, absolutely pulsing through the gamma-radiated veins of the band members. Gammacide delivered so many riffs in single three-minute tracks that they could even be considered omnipotent riff deities, and there's also Vernam Ponville's Sean Killian-esque approach that boasted of relentless fury, and spasmodic leads drilling into the listener's subconscious like some mutated laser - these were all the surgical twists they could pull off, and who knows, they might have even fabricated more and even catchier material if they had lived through the massacre of thrash during the mid-late 90's.

''Victims Of Science'' can well be considered as one of the most neck-wrecking extremities that was prevalent in those days, and it's absolutely straight up ferocity at its finest, most purest. I even consider counting the band's later demo material as an inimical piece of this puzzle, and hell, even if you can't show relative enthusiasm against this distorted nuclear bombast, I'm assuming many will still give into its lyrics:

In the race to win priorities lost
Victory assured at what cost?
Defense network spread far and wide
Works off human sacrifice
Radiation that leaves us dead
Won't harm circuits encased in lead
Countries of the world are robbed of life
Battles are waged by satellites

Machines are given full reign
Electronic soldiers feel no pain
If they win who's to gain?
Your fate is sealed by emotionless steel

For the typical, banging thrasher there's not a single fail in this album. Even a more reluctant listener might as well be content with a dozen of listens to bear and behold this imposing ferocity and the ludicrous ingredients that make if what it is. It's hardcore, it's thrash, it's sheer brutality, and no matter how overlooked it is it can still send countless numbers of its fellow competitors spinning in dazzled exhaustion and still explode with an hooking, atomic, and even cheesy discharge. 

Victims Of Science
Chemical Imbalance 
Endangered Species

Final Rating:
Awesome [8.7/10]