Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gutted - Bleed for Us to Live [1994]

Gutted are probably one of the more underrated American death metal bands. Who the hell is Gutted? Well, they're a death metal band from Ohio that was formed in 1992 by three brothers. Their debut album, "Bleed for Us to Live" was released in 1994 and it's one of the best death metal albums to come from the USA, in my opinion. Up there with albums like Deicide's "Legion" and Autopsy's "Mental Funeral" which are both top quality classics, as we are all aware (I hope, or shame on you). This is some of the best headbang your fucking pants off death metal.

The album starts off with the sounds of rain which is followed by a slow, evil keyboard intro on the song "Bleed" which then goes into an extremely heavy, death metal assault. The use of keyboards on this album creates an extreme feeling of that evil attitude they want to give off. These guys mean business. They're here to play death metal the way it was meant to be played; evil, mid-paced and heavier than a two tonne hammer coming directly down on the middle of your skull. 

The guitars have that ripping death metal tone that you'd find in most American death metal and the bass is actually really audible on the album. I really enjoy the bass on this album because it gallops along with the music at that steady mid-pace that is pretty consistent throughout the album except for a few spots here and there in each song where everything speeds up and pulverizes you from the inside out. The drums on the album are really nice too because it's not just blast beats everywhere. There's actually not too much use of the blast beat technique seen very much on this album, which is a little unfortunate. Lots of variety in the drumming though on the album, which I also really appreciate. And the double bass on the album just obliterates everything because it's audible for one thing and it's incredibly hammering.

Gutted are the perfect example of what you are all missing out on. Heavy, pulverizing death metal with great atmosphere and evilness to it. If you're a fan of American death metal, this album is just for you. I suggest you track this album down and add it to your collection, immediately.

"Cold In the Coffin"
"Death Before Dismember"

Final Rating
Awesome [8.5/10]