Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Abigail - Descending from a Blackend Sky [1993]

Abigail have dubbed themselves as the most evil band in Japan and with a debut EP like this, I'd believe that. This release is nothing but savage, relentless black metal with a trace of the thrash metal that will make itself more relevant in their later releases. This isn't like anything you'd hear from Norway though. It's just as cold and evil but as soon as the album begins, you know that it's straight outta Japan.

The raw production of "Descending from a Blackend Sky" adds to the evil atmosphere as if it's expected to be taken seriously but with broken English song titles like "The Lord of Satan" and "Descending from a Blackend Sky" (Blackened being spelled wrong, of course), it's gonna be taken as seriously as any Japanese metal album would. The album also includes chilling ambient parts as the beginning and in the middle that are actually really well done and I just love how well it blends with the evil, fast paced black thrash. They add a very oriental feeling to the atmosphere on top of what's already there.

The guitars on the EP are vicious and fast as if they were to rip through your body like a chainsaw. The drums are often quick blast beats usually followed or proceeded by typical drum beats. Simplicity's never sounded so good. This release might be primitive and simple but it's the very first stepping stone to the beautiful black thrash that Yasuyuki Suzuki continues to make and it's definitely a stepping stone in the right direction. I definitely recommend listening to this and the rest of Abigail's discography in you're in the mood for savage, flesh ripping black/speed metal.

"The Lord Of Satan"
"Descending from a Blackend Sky"
"Count Barbatos"

Final Rating
Masterpiece [9.2/10]